St. Mary’s Pre-School Committee

Introducing our friendly and motivated Committee Members


Alice Maris – Chair


My name is Alice Marris and I am Mum to Theo (6) and Alma (4). I am also a secondary history teacher and current Chairperson of St. Mary’s Pre-School. Alma has attended the pre-school since January 2018 and Theo graduated from St Mary’s in July 2018. He is loving Year One and I truly believe St. Mary’s prepared him excellently for school as he settled into school life really quickly. Alma absolutely loves preschool and has done from the outset. I love the emphasis on learning through play and discovery and both our children have demonstrated new skills and knowledge acquired through their time at St. Mary’s! Alma loves her teachers and I am very happy to have been on the committee for the last few years. Not only is it an opportunity to try to contribute to such a nurturing and encouraging pre-school but I have also made friends for life in the process.



Eileen Holland – Treasurer

Joined December 2017



Danette McCowan – Secretary



Liz McCarthy

I am a freelance writer and photographer, and (most importantly) mother to Nuala, 4, and Theo, 2.  Nuala was at St Mary’s Preschool from September 2015 to July 2016.  She adored her teachers, made some lovely friends, blossomed in confidence and left preschool well prepared for the new adventure of Big School.
Theo spends lots of time with me at the preschool now as I pop in and out on various errands, and he already feels completely at home with the teachers, the toys, the tricycles and (when given half a chance) the snack table!  He can’t wait to start at preschool himself, and I am very happy that he will be looked after by such a dedicated, caring team of staff.














Sarah Baxter

Joined September 2018





Sophie Kempster

I’m Mum to Lochlan. I’m also a qualified Chocolatier and work part time in retail. When Lochlan first started at St Mary’s he was very shy, but with the amazing teachers the shyness didn’t last long, he has made so many friends, he loves it!




Kate Lomax

I’m Kate, Mum to Ignatius (6) and Esmeralda (3) When I’m not running after my two kiddos, I’m busy as a Nutritional Therapist and Massage Therapist. When my son graduated from St Mary’s pre-school there was no doubt in my mind that his younger sister would also attend. The warmth, devotion and experience of the staff is obvious on a daily basis. It’s a privilege to be part of the committee and support the pre-school.


Without volunteers the preschool could not operate. St Mary’s Pre-School is run by a committee of volunteers and is a not-for-profit charity.

If you would like to help at the preschool or be involved with the committee we would love to hear from you. Helping out as a parent, grandparent or carer will be of value to you and your child. Please read our leaflet for more information about this.

Helping out at St Mary’s

A huge thank you to everyone who helps!

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