What will my child need to bring with the him/her to preschool?
A named bag, named spare clothes, wellies (for fun in our garden!), and if your child is in nappies, please include nappies, wipes and nappy bags.

Can I choose my days?
In the Autumn term yes, but in the Summer term space is limited as this is when we are at our fullest.

Can I stay with my child if they are unsettled?
Yes, we will work with you until your child is settled.

Is parking available at the premises?

There is sufficient parking for all parents and visitors during our opening hours.

Are there school outings?
Over Chesham week in June, we take the children out in their groups. The ratio is 1:2 for outings. Parents are notified first and asked to help if possible.

What happens if I’m delayed at pick up?
Please phone and let us know so that we can prepare your child so that they do not become worried.

How can I become more involved?
We value help from all parents and carers.  You may like to join our friendly committee, help out at one of the various events we have over the year, or volunteer to come in 45 minutes or so before collecting your child, to help with the washing up of painting materials and items used for the children’s snack. Parents are also encouraged to come in for a whole morning to help as needed, and this can give you a real insight into your child’s day.

What is required of a volunteer at St. Mary’s?
We have provided an easy to read pdf to help you understand what is required of a volunteer. Helping-out-at-St-Marys