Information for New Parents

Message from Carl Akers, Acting Manager

This page is dedicated to parents enrolling their child with us for the first time and to get them acquainted with the daily routine of your child at St. Mary’s Pre-School.

I am Carl Akers and I have the privilege of working with a wonderful team of volunteers and staff who help me provide an  environment which is nurturing, playful and educational.

We are here to help during this stage of your child’s development.  We are aware that parents will have issues they would like to discuss or have a problem that needs resolving. A member of the management team or your child’s key worker will always be happy talk to you and deal with any concerns.

Morning routine

Every morning, one of the team will be at the door to welcome you and your child to pre-school. Each child has a peg name for their coat, bag and wellies. The children have a photo with their name on it on their group table.  We ask that you encourage them to find their name and put it on their group board to show that they have arrived.

Please sign-in your child with the time and name of who is collecting them (this is very important). Please ensure that, if someone different to usual is collecting your child, that they bring photographic ID with them and if possible mention it to their key worker and whoever is at the door in the morning. Please also make sure your child knows who is collecting them. If arrangements change during the session please call us to make us aware as we will not allow your child to go home with someone we do not know and we are not expecting, even if we know them.

Group time

We start this as promptly as possible and once group time has started please do not interrupt the key worker.  If group time is stopped it takes the key workers attention away from the focus of the session. Group time is planned around the interests and needs of the children in the group so please be on time or your child may lose out.

Children’s belongings

Please ensure that everything you bring into preschool is labelled with your child’s name.  We cannot take responsibility for anything unnamed. Also if they are going home with someone else, could you let them know what belongings they have that day. This will help at the end of the day, especially if they have been in the garden and dropped their coat on the floor.


The children have free flow to the garden outside most days so please can you make sure they have clearly marked boots and coats. Also a named bag with spare clothes is ideal as sometimes they get wet and muddy and would rather wear their own clothes than spare ones belonging to the preschool.

Lunch boxes

Once your child does lunch club, please again make sure everything is named including any plastic boxes. This is to ensure that you will get your child’s belongings. See Lunch Box Policy for more information.


Please can you be on time to collect your child as it can be upsetting for them when they are the only child left in the hall. Of course we understand that emergencies might arise, please contact us if they do, however we will impose a charge if you are often late.


We rely heavily on parents volunteering their time in a few ways:

• Washing up

• Washing overalls

• Sharpening pencils

• Washing T Towel’s

• Making playdough.

There is a Parent Help Rota available in the hall.  Volunteering enables you to come in to preschool for a morning to share your child’s experiences and helps the preschool.


St Mary’s Pre-School is run by a committee of parent volunteers.  A parent is on hand at the door each morning. They can tell you what is involved in being a committee member or how to be more involved. A PDF document is also available as a link on the Committee Page. Due to the constitution, this is how St Mary’s is run and it does mean that if you are on the committee you do have more say in the running of the preschool.